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New York Millennials 101


The New York Millennials are an Internet League Blaseball team. Don't know what blaseball is? Go here first, then come back. We'll wait. This site is not meant to be definitive and is absolutely not exhaustive. The only way to fully understand blaseball is to experience it for yourself. Our goal here is to give you the bare minimum of what you need to help decide if the Mills feel like the team for you and give you some pointers to help get you on your way to participating in the cultural event of blaseball.

Mtattrain, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Note on the State of Blaseball Right Now

Right now, Blaseball is doing a set of mini seasons called Short Circuits (which you can read more about here.) Most of the detailed player info on this site is from the previous two Eras and also slightly out of date (a lot of stuff happened at the end there.) An updated site is on the way soon but in the meantime, that doesn't matter! Every two week Short Circuit season has a brand new roster of players which makes this the perfect time to jump in, check out Blaseball, and contribute new ideas to the team. This site still has some helpful info about vibes and also reading up about the prime universe players who we hope will return someday. But generally now is a great time to just check out the site and jump into the discord and say hi! We're excited to welcome you to the team.

Why root for the Mills?

Gay People
Winning (Sometimes)

Side Hustles


What if you want to watch Blaseball RIGHT NOW?

Do it! Head on over to the website, join the Discord, and participate in this cultural event with us. The rest of this site has a bit more info on Millennials players and team culture but if you want to jump in right now here are the three most important things to know:

Think of the team Discord channels like a party full of cool people you just haven't met yet. Say hi, introduce yourself, ask questions, but also feel free to take some time to get used to the vibes and check out the rules.

The immaterial plane is a world of multiple canons. Some interpretations are more commonly accepted but new ideas are always welcome; we're a team and blaseball is a story we're all telling together.

LGMBLDM stands for "Lets Go Mills Baby Love Da Mills"


The answer to "Whose house?" is "Not Ours, We Rent!"


Always Bet Da Mills, Blaby